How to Choose SPC Flooring?

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It's better to know how to choose SPC flooring before buying it. Read on and find out.

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Look at the Thickness

The SPC flooring is generally 3.2-8mm (without cork mat or IXPE mat), and the more commonly used thickness is 4mm and 5mm.

Look at the Appearance

Good Appearance: the surface has clear patterns, natural lines, no noticeable stains, no pollution, scratches, and no damage.

Look at the Splicing

Please choose two boards at random and put them together. If there is no difference in height and no noticeable gap in the middle, the quality is good.

Look at the Material

Good Material: The cross-section of the floorboard has no impurities, no pores, and dense white base material.

Anti-peeling Property

The surface decoration layer and the base material are not easy to separate; the lock and the base layer are not easy to break and separate.

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Looking for SPC Flooring Manufacturer?

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