Easy-install and Durable Great Wall Cladding

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Suprotect Slat Wall Cladding Panel

The co-extrusion great exterior wall panels have a 3D wooden appearance and excellent weather resistance. It is waterproof, anti-UV, anti-corrosion, etc.

Our latest design co-extrusion great wall cladding is very easy to install. And it can hide the screws, which will not affect the wooden surface appearance. Moreover, our buckle of cladding has a design pattern. It is designed by us!

Our WPC wall cladding panel decoration has the following advantages:

1. A buffer structure design at the linking point to prevent the panel from warping and breaking caused by thermal expansion.

2. Make the wider side, which increases the distance between the fixing screw and the edge of the panel so that it can be better to bear the force and keep it from cracking.

3. The cladding structure of the edge is thicker and stronger.

Our Mexytech suprotect great wall cladding is increasingly becoming a new choice for architects.

Suprotect Slat Wall Cladding Panel

Suprotect Slat Wall Cladding Panel

Suprotect Slat Wall Cladding Panel

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