Choosing Siding for Your Home

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Your home exterior is doing more than you think it does. We know how well it can protect you from the onslaught nature does. But so does it serve as a great feature to set your home apart from every home in the neighborhood. And as you’ve probably guessed, the siding is an integral part of this functionality. With the right siding, you can make your home arresting to the eye turners regardless of what mother nature throws your way.

However, it is easy to make the wrong siding choice if you’re not approaching this decision with the right information. There are some considerations you must factor in your decision making and that’s what this article covers. Whether your siding is due for a replacement or perhaps you are looking to use it for a new home project, this article has something for you.

But before that, remember that your premier consideration should be your safety and convenience. In essence, be sure that whatever choice you make guarantees safety and comfort for you and your family.

Is your siding due for a replacement?

Depending on your choice of material, your sidings can last up to several decades. However, if perhaps you fail to keep up with the demanding maintenance requirements of some of these materials, you may find your siding deteriorating. This can affect your home curb value and integrity to a great extent.

So, once you notice any form of rot in the panels, that’s a sign that you need to replace them. You’ll typically detect this with a consistent inspection. Also, be sure to inspect after every storm or moisture exposure. When you detect this early, you can easily sustain your home aesthetics and its internal structures.

Sometimes, if you leave your sidings in the hands of inexperienced personnel, chances are they'll get the installation wrongly. And in this case, you may be left with considerable damage. Whenever you catch a glimpse of this, brace yourself for a replacement. A discolored and rusty siding needs to be replaced as well. Similarly, if you see bubbles, blisters, mildew, or mold on your material, it’s time for a change.

When is the best time to change or install siding?

Fall is, by a long mile, the best time to install your sidings. During the torturous hot climate in summer, the material may be prone to unwanted expansion. And when the temperatures are at all-time-low during winter, it is also prone to contraction. Not to mention the excess rain attributable to spring, which can be detrimental to both the installation process and the material itself. Fall strikes the best balance between every weather variable. The temperature is optimal and rainfall is just perfect for the installation process. Doing this during fall will also help you keep cold air outside and retain hot air during winter.

composite siding

Knowing your options!

Before making a choice, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different siding materials available for you. The most popular ones include composite sidings, wood sidings, and vinyl sidings; and other less popular ones such as brick, stucco, metal, stone, and several others.

Composite siding

Essentially, this siding material offers the best alternative to natural wood, both in terms of costs and overall aesthetics. A composite siding typically features wood and recycled plastics, so you can as well call it wood-plastic siding. Natural wood sidings demand a great deal of maintenance. So if you’re looking for a cheaper material that will offer you the natural aesthetics of wood, its durability, and quality with less maintenance demand, composite siding is what you should explore.

The sole purpose of investing in siding is security against whatever mother nature throws at your home. Natural wood only has a little to offer in this regardless, however. But on the other hand, composite wood boasts considerable resistance to rot and adverse moisture impacts. Composite siding will shield your property from adverse weather considering its multi-layered style. Your composite siding will never split nor allow unwanted element penetration. Since the material also features recycled plastic you are also becoming a part of something thoughtful to reduce your carbon footprint.

That’s not all, of course. Composite siding is one of the easiest to install. You can easily DIY its application. But be sure to use extra hands considering the weight of the material. When it comes to color choice as well, you’re spoilt for choice!

Lastly, apart from the initial cost price, you can be sure that you won't be breaking the bank or any sweat on maintaining your composite siding. Hence, it makes the perfect choice for anyone with a long-term orientation.

composite wood cladding

Vinyl siding

Vinyl is made using PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). In terms of color choices, vinyl has quite a big lineup for you to choose from. It also arguably has the least maintenance demand among these materials. Not to mention its cost-effectiveness that can help you optimize your budget whether you’re looking short-term or long-term.

While vinyl can make a great choice for several reasons, its susceptibility to UV rays and sunlight-induced damages might be a deal breaker for many. Besides, its appearance is somewhat devoid of that premium and natural feeling you'd typically find in wood and composite.

Wood siding

This is yet another popular choice when it comes to home sidings. Depending on the type of wood used, wood can also offer excellent security against climate. On top of this security, wood also gives this premium and rich definition to your siding. In fact, it is the standard that almost every siding material strives to emulate. When it comes to installation as well, it is pretty straightforward. Since wood is biodegradable, you are also contributing to the achievement of a green ecosystem by reducing carbon footprints.

However, maintaining wood is not always the easiest, whether you view this from a cost or labor viewpoint. Wood is also very flammable, so you might have to spend another fortune including an ignition-resistant finish in it. Everything from insects and rodents is more likely to have a field day on wood as well.

Making the choice: how to choose the right siding for you

As mentioned before, there are some considerations you must prioritize before making a choice, and we'll cover them in this section.


While most homeowners decide solely based on the structural and functional part of the sidings, it is important to consider its aesthetics as well. After all, you don’t want your exterior looking all boring and redundant. So, you have to choose a siding material that makes it more lively.

As mentioned before, vinyl is not a material you should be considering if you’re heavy on aesthetics. No one will, in fact, break a sweat on its cheap plastic look. Stone and metals are great choices. But the issues of cracking and rust can be a deal breaker. Again, wood would have been the most suitable choice for aesthetics. But then, you might find it losing its colors in no time. This leaves us with composite wood. With composite, you can enjoy the aesthetics of wood without worrying about color loss or rot damages.

Resistance to damage

Now, let's face the primary purpose of any siding. Of course, that is to prevent your house from moisture-induced and other potential hazards. So, you'd typically need an impact-proof material with satisfactory resistance to a number of vices. Vinyl is a great choice in this regard. However, it has a very sunlight resisting threshold. You can also explore some wood species in this regard, especially when it comes to decay resistance. But then, it only does a little when it comes to moisture and insect damage. Stucco, brick, and stone also have their fair share of upsides and downsides in the regard. So, again, composite is your best bet. You can enjoy resistance to almost any form of detrimental factors. You just make it – composite has a feature that caters to it.

Sustainability and green technology

It is also important to consider a material that helps bring pollution and carbon footprints to the barest minimum. This consideration spans the manufacturing procedure to the content of each material. For instance, metal is largely deemed a very eco-friendly material because the manufacturing process doesn't really demand much waste. Besides, it is a material you can manufacture from other recycled materials. With this, you can bring waste to the barest minimum. As mentioned before, composite and wood also make great eco-friendly choices for you.


Be sure that whatever choice you make is energy efficient inherently even without added insulation. With this, you can enjoy the best interior and exterior atmosphere regardless of the season or climate.

Know your pocket

Before choosing a siding, ensure that it fits into your budget. Remember that a low budget doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. With composite woods, you can enjoy some of the most affordable siding materials even without breaking the bank. Wood would have made the perfect choice in this regard. However, the sizable maintenance costs will leave you spending more than you initially budgeted in the long term.

If you consider all of these before making a decision, you can be rest assured you’re making the right one.

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