Can You Lay Composite Decking on Grass?

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Have you ever considered creating a new deck for your home or commercial property? If this is something you have been considering, our experts are on hand to help – and so, we’ve outlined some of the key things you should know to help. After all, while many people struggle to find the ideal decking materials, there are ways you make sure your choice is right – and so, we’ve clarified some of the key things you should know about laying composite decking on grass to help.

Can You Lay Composite Decking on Grass?

If you’ve been wanting to lay composite decking directly on a grass surface, you’ll need to complete several key steps. First, you’ll need to prepare the ground to create a flat, stable surface, then put down a solid base – such as crushed stone – to help prevent the composite deck from sinking. You’ll need to ensure that the substructure for your composite deck also meets the relevant building codes and legislation for your local area.

The best way to create a composite wood deck on grass is to use a framework first, in many cases. This helps add greater stability to the construction, making the chances of warpage and movement less significant. Fortunately, composite decking can provide numerous great properties, making it an excellent material for your garden.

Composite Decking

Should you Lay Composite Decking Directly on Grass?

So, you can potentially lay composite decking on grass, but is this a good idea? Well, it’s important to recognize here that laying composite decking directly on top of your grass lawn can come with several challenges.

For one thing, it’s worth noting that your natural grass lawn probably won’t provide a stable surface, which may mean that there’s not a solid and level foundation on which to build the decking. In addition, since natural grass retains a lot of moisture, problems such as mold growth and deck instability can become problematic, even with composite decking.

And, of course, looking after the area can become a lot more difficult once you’ve installed composite decking on top, too. Indeed, preventing weed control can become very difficult, and managing the weeds is even more complicated, especially since you can’t get access below the deck.

As such, while composite decking can be a great investment for your home, it’s important to remember that installing it directly on grass may not necessarily be a good idea. In such scenarios, you may want to install the deck on posts or otherwise install a solid foundation first.

Final Thoughts

In many cases, knowing how to create your perfect new decking can seem tough – but this shouldn’t have to be the way. Fortunately, laying composite decking on grass doesn’t have to be tricky. And, while it’s generally recommend that you don’t lay the composite decking directly on grass. Indeed, this can raise a number of different issues, but by elevating the decking, you may still be able to create a stunning composite deck. For further questions, please contact us at

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