How to choose your outdoor decking ?

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  1. To select the most suitable outdoor decking for you, please start with the usage first. Solid decking are more suitable for public areas with high traffic. The round hollow or square hollow decking are more suitable for private areas.                                                                                              

  2. 2.The second point is the material. If you care about oil resistance and scratch resistance, MexyTech Suprotect decking is the best choice becuase it has a protective layer. If you care about the budget,  MexyTech classic 1st generation decking will be more suitable. 

  3.Then you can choose the color. If you need the color matching effect, you can choose the bicolor decking (2 colors in 1 pc). If you only need the color you like, you can use the single color decking.

solid deck

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