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1.Size: 140×23 mm

2.MOQ: 300SQM

3. Payment Terms: TT

4. Container Qty:22 tons for 20′ ft

5.Delivery Time: 18-21 days for 20′ ft


Mass Lover is designed as a multifunctional decking. Because of having performance of water-proofness, good weathering resistance, excellent mechannical properties, it can be applied to beaches,landscape,uptowns, etc.   Try  to image the picture of sitting on to our decking and enjoy natural scenery. I am sure this products will





Have you haven some troubles as below ever?

1.How can I instal the flooring if the platform is not flat ?

2.How can I prop the flooring up to avoid the barrier like pipes and cables ?


Dont worry , our Brother Brand MexyBase is willing to solve the problems for you.

More information, please take a visit to them :








12.5 mm         35-60mm      60-80mm     70-110mm    90-180mm



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